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Initial Terms 5 years
Franchise Fee P 250,000.00
Inclusive of Use of trademark
Site evaluation and approval
Training for franchisee and staff
Start up and pre opening assistance
Research and development
Marketing start up kit
Franchise operating manual
Capital Requirements P 650,000.00 to P 850,000.00
(inclusive of P 250,000.00 franchise fee)
Royalty 1% of Gross Sales
Required Space Minimum of 15 sqm.

1. Schedule a meeting with us for business presentation. Please contact us


2255 Culdesac St., Brgy. Sun Valley
Paranaque City, Metro Manila
Tel. Nos.: 804-3498 / 823-3498
Mobile No: 0942-3902263 / Fax No.: (02) 804-3238
Email: sarahjane@MurangGenericsPharmacy.com.ph
Website: www.MurangGenericsPharmacy.com.ph
Office Hours: Monday to Saturday (8:00 am to 5:00 pm)

2. Submit Letter of Intent with Confidential Questionnaire.

3. We will evaluate and review your application.

4. Look for a location and have it approve by Murang Generics Pharmacy

5. The Franchise Agreement will be executed.

What is generic medicine?
It’s a medicine that has the same active ingredients, dosage, strength and effect as the branded counterpart.

Why are generic medicine cheaper than branded medicine?
Branded medicine manufacturer’s spends billions on advertising while generic medicine manufacturer dont. Branded drug manufacturer’s invests billions for research and development while generic drug manufacturers use most of their information from branded drug manufacturers.

What does Murang Generic Pharmacy offers?
We offer generic and branded medicines, we also offer other consumer products.

How much is the overall capital to invest in Murang Generics Pharmacy?
650,000php – 850,000php. This includes the franchise fee.

How much is the franchise fee?

What does the franchise fee covers?
The franchise fee covers the cost of providing you with pre-opening and start-up assistance, initial training and other support and business development services. For a complete listing of the package, please visit the Franchise Information Page.

Will there be an increase in franchise fee and royalty fee?
Yes, there can be an increase depending on the situation.

Will there be a continuing support?
Yes. As our franchisee, we will provide advice and guidance, and check quality control compliance, and may be consulted on any matter you may encounter as you operate the business. Refresher trainings may also be provided as needed.

What is the term of franchising agreement?
The franchise agreement’s term is 5 years.

How much is the royalty fee?
Our royalty fee is 1% of gross sales for continuing support.

When do I pay the royalty fee?
Every 5th day of the succeeding month.

Where do we procure the pharmacy products?
All pharmacy products must directly be sourced from the franchisor only.

Will there be a comprehensive operations manual?
Yes, you will receive a copy of the confidential comprehensive operations manual after signing the franchise agreement.

Will there be training for staff’s and franchise owners?
Yes. franchisees and their staff will be given 3 days training on pharmacy operations, services as well as orientation of generics products and customer service.

What is location space requirement?
15 sq. meters is the minimum required space of FDA, less than the required space will result to non-approval of the location.

Are unsaleable items returnable?
Yes, unsaleable items can be return within 45 days upon delivery.

"Murang Generics Pharmacy's mission is to cater and serve inexpensive, high quality and effective medicine that will provide access to every one.

It is also our mission to provide good customer relationship that will build patronage to our company."

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